Mass production and single production of parts for  

compessors  & pumps 

Production of spare parts according to customer drawings for

technological equipment

We are the team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in metalworking and mechanical engineering. We have our own manufactory, warehouses, equipment and machines for the manufacture of quality parts and machines.  But our greatest pride is our skilled workers, designers and managers. Our factories are located in Ukraine, in the industrial city of Sumy.

The main specialization is the production of rotors, shafts up to 5000 mm long and Ø up to 600 mm, impellers - Ø 1020 mm, rods and pistons up to 4500 mm long and Ø 250 mm , sliding (plain) bearings of varying complexity with an internal Ø from 50 mm to 400 mm. Our experience and equipment allows us to produce other spare parts of the highest quality with manufacturing accuracy with surface finish up to 0.4 Ra. 

We repair rotors, compressors, blowers, fans, pumps,  etc. We also repair and manufacture new spare parts for electric motors with power from 500 kWt to 3500 kWt, machines  and technological equipment for food indystry, metalworking, woodworking, agriculture and power industry.

Rods &  SHAFTS

Maximum shaft size up to 5000 mm long and Ø up to 600 mm with surface finish up to 0.4 Ra.  

Rotors & Pump impellers

Maximum impeller size  - Ø 1020 mm

Plain bearings

Varying complexity with an internal Ø from 50 mm to 400 mm

Other parts

Gears, rings, cutters, reduction gears, hinged joints etc


we are a profitable partner

4 reasons that will make our our partnership profitable.


Our workers and engineers have a good technical background. Many of them gained their practical experience in the largest plants and factories in Ukraine.


Over the years, we have built reliable and profitable partnerships with metal suppliers. This allows us to receive the most favorable price offers.

low production cost

A lower wage level than in the EU or the USA and the optimal exchange rate can significantly reduce costs without loss of quality of products.

thoughtful  logistics

Our experts will control all processes from packaging to customs clearance and loading of your equipment. You always get exactly what you ordered on time.


Our works

These photos were taken by us at the factory immediately after production, we specifically did not use retouching.

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